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Estate & Tax Strategy

Every estate plan is unique and special for our clients because it is the ultimate culmination of years of wealth building and planning in a family. Often, the more diligent we are in our savings, the larger the legacy we leave behind. Estate planning itself is the ability for individuals and couples to have a say in what kind of legacy they leave into the next generation. 

Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Our team has years of experience in reviewing and focusing on the financial aspects of the estate planning process. We work in collaboration with your legal team to help review, revise, and create the financial aspect of making these goals a reality.  

Examples of information we would review:

  • Beneficiary designations - how are they related to you? Is there a large age difference? Are there outdated beneficiaries from divorce, marriage, children?
  • A review of current assets - what is your total net worth, cash flow need, and tax classification of assets?
  • Liquidity needs - do you have a potential large estate?  Are there assets that may not be easy to sell to settle tax liability?
  • Health -  are there special planning needs due to health or disability?
  • A review of any existing estate plans.
Tax Planning

Tax Planning

We have found that those with potential estate issues are also the same people that have tax challenges, both during their lifetime and in their legacy planning. Our team specializes in financial tax strategies that may help our clients address such issues as:

  • Strategies to combat large capital gains at the sale of a large asset or business.
  • How to combat an overabundance of pre-tax savings at the age of Required Minimum Distributions.
  • How to continue to save to tax free vehicles long after your assets exceed your ability to in traditional methods.
  • Assist business owners and executives find tax-friendly methods of saving more to retirement funding.

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