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Heather Funderburk

Heather has been in the financial services industry for 12 years. Here at Emerald Financial Group, she is our Client Care and New Business Manager. She is directly involved with client interaction and the on boarding and processing of all business that moves through our firm. Heather excels at being a liaison to seamlessly connect the client’s needs to the processes that take place. She finds joy in making the process easy and bringing confidence to each and every client by working the plan that they have put in place with our Financial Professionals here at Emerald.

Heather is a Christ-follower and a newlywed. She shares this adventure called life with her incredible husband, Jeremy. Her strong, yet witty personality keeps the office both organized and relaxed at the same time. Some would consider her a unicorn, since she is one of the few you meet that was born and raised here in Charlotte. She is an entrepreneur and servant leader at heart. Because of others who were very influential in helping her to realize her true potential, she loves to help others reach their true potential in the same way.